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About Us

Wrapaway has been distributing newspapers and magazines to newsagents across Australia since 1971.

To us distributing/wholesaling means placing the appropriate quantity of the publisher’s product in the newsagency,collecting the sales monies and unsold copies,deducting our commission and paying  the publisher promptly and regularly.

-   We deliver to newsagents 6 days a week.
-   We currently handle over 100 titles.
-    Sales range from a few hundered to over 20,000 per issue.

We also provide a complete subscription service: computer management of subscribers,plastic wrapping,provision of wrappers, and sorting to Australian Post Office standards.

See the a list of  publications we supply to newsagents.
Prices of publications which can be purchased by subscription direct from Wrapaway.

All our prices are in $AUD.

Payments We Accept
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